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Why should you choose to use a Telescopic Security Parking Post ?, they have four main features & benefits

DTML Landscapes have teamed up with a leading British manufacturer of security driveway parking posts to offer a service in and around the Coventry area supplying and fitting telescopic posts to driveways to help keep you car, boat, caravan safe. please feel free to contact us on 07795432923 or 02476333933 to discuss your requirements.

How do they work?

They are supplied with a steel ground spigot sleeve together with an internal sliding post, the spigot sleeve is normally about 200 – 300 mm longer than the internal post. The ground spigot sleeve is fitted into the ground at a height resulting in the top plate being just proud of the surface. This principle of having more material under ground than showing above ground (similar to an Iceberg) is exactly what gives this type of Security Post the strength.
The posts are lifted and easily latched into the upright position, leaving both hands free to then lock the post into position. There are various types of locking mechanisms, which can vary from padlocks to integral locks, depending on the chosen model.
To lower the posts, they are simply unlocked and lowered into the ground spigot resulting in a flush to the ground finish, ideal for locations subject to pedestrian & vehicle access.

  • They are by far the strongest type of Security Post.

  • When not in use, no obstacles or trip hazards are left on the ground, very important in locations with pedestrian & vehicle access !!

  • When not in use, the post slides back down into the ground, no need to store it in another location.

  • you can have multiple with same key.

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