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Garden Services, Decking Coventry by DTML Landscaping


DTML Landscaping has been in service since past 20 years and have an experience in garden services, decking Coventry etc. They are the best landscape contractor in West Midlands and surrounding areas.

Now a day’s garden has become an extension of one family living space where one can relax and enjoy long summer evenings amidst greenery. One can choose from various option of having a full garden project or just redesign the one already present.

DTML Landscaping are specialist in providing Garden Services Coventry like paving patio, paths, decking, fencing and many others. They also do artificial turfing in Coventry, West Midlands and near by areas. DTML Landscaping also supply ponds and amazing water features that would make ones home garden look beautiful.

Different decking options for garden area involve platform decks, two story decks and multi-level decks. Platform decks are one of the simple decks available. It is usually built with single level dwellings and are very important to have the structure built waterproof. The undersides of the decks need to be coated with protective sealer so that they get protection from elements. For safety the platform decks needs to have railing installed. One can go for freestanding decks to get that amazing view of the garden or just have sitting area in shade. They are the best option to highlight the best feature of the yard. One can get a natural feel when garden decking Coventry is added to their backyard or front. There are different choices one can make while doing decking like softwood, hardwood, composite and plastic decking.

DTML Landscaping provides different decking options to its customers. The decking services provided by DTML landscaping are very professional and they have lots of design to choose from. They ensure a long lasting structure. The Grass Coventry planks provided by them are practically maintenance free and would be as good as new throughout their lifetime. They just need a little brush now and then or simple jet washing to remove any dirt or algae. They would retain their look and would never require any varnishing or staining. Plastic Decking is very easy to handle and clean.

More value to the exterior of the houses can be added by improving the garden area with artificial turfing. These artificial truffing has become very common these days and are almost virtually indistinguishable from real grass. The artificial grass gives a nice superior flooring to the whole garden area. Turfing in Coventry has become popular for garden lawns, decking, dog runs, picnic area and safety flooring.

DTML Landscaping provides the best service in turfing and decking in Coventry. More details regarding their service can be known from their site can surf through this website to know more about the service provided by the team of DTML Landscaping. They are in service for past 20 years and have experience of all kind of garden services. The services provided by the DTML are within the best budget and the work they deliver are worth paying.


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