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Natural Sand Stone Patio and Paths

If you are to spend any amount of money on hard landscaping in the garden then it should be something that will last for years. This week we'll consider the options for Natural stone.

The most economical of the natural stones are sand stones, from India and China. These come in various colours, the most popular being Modak and Silver grey, as well as different surface finishes; riven (generally the most economical), sawn and textured. Sandstone has a good slip resistance even as a sawn smooth slab when wet and this is why it is one of the most commonly used stones for landscaping in the UK. There is a wide range of slab sizes so this paving can be laid in a random, more traditional manner or as a single size slab for more modern schemes. Grey slabs weather better and require less maintenance. The creams are lovely but look best when sparklingly clean, which really does mean lots of maintanance and are best used in a situation in full sun where algae will find it hard to take hold.Hear are the silver grey DTML Landscape have put down in a raised patio in Coventry Warwickshire.

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