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DTML Landscape Artificial grass is catching on

DTML Landscape

The demand for artificial grass / synthetic turf has been on the up and up all over the world. Europe and Asia present two of the biggest markets for synthetic grass manufacturers outside of Europe and the US is difficult. But this in no way has dulled the desire of people to have their very own Artificial grass / synthetic lawn.

Synthetic turf / Fake grass is well and truly on its way to taking over. Consider this: synthetic turf Artificial grass covers about 50 million acres in the US, with an annual estimated value of $40 billion. This places artificial turf third in total acreage in all of the United States. It finds a place of pride in more than 700,000 playing fields and 17,000 golf courses and is a $40 billion industry! Aesthetically pleasing use of synthetic grass artificial grass can add up to 15% to the home property values. Having started out for sporting purposes, almost one-third of the fake grass synthetic grass market around the world now caters to landscape and recreational uses.

DTML Landscape have noticed changing trends in the use of synthetic turf artificial grass can primarily be attributed to the new materials and technology being used to develop the new generation of synthetic turf. The softer strands of today with their accurate, grass-like coloring are a far cry from the hard green turf used when synthetic turf first appeared.

DTML Landscape have spent many years suppling and fitting artificial grass


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